Quick Tip: Plug your Keychain Remote directly into your computer

Please do not use a USB hub (such as the USB ports available on your monitor), when launching the Easy Set-up Wizard. We recommend that you plug your SimpliSafe Keychain Remote directly into a USB port on your computer.
Here's why:
Recently a customer reported a problem with his Keychain Remote. After changing settings in the Easy Set Up Wizard he found he could not successfully sync his remote with his Base Station.
We replaced the Keychain Remote and had him return it to us. Then we let our testing lab have at it to figure out what went wrong. We found the Keychain's software was corrupted.
When it happened to our dear customer again...we thought hmm, what's going on? After more investigations and testing we discovered that plugging the Keychain Remote into some USB hubs can cause data corruption as the connection between your computer and the remote is not as robust and the hub interface can cause corruption of some data in the saving process.
Please don't use a USB hub, when launching the Easy Set-up Wizard. Plug your remote directly into your computer to avoid the possibility of experiencing a corruption issue.
As always, please also make sure to leave enough time when saving data (and make sure you see a confirmation message when the settings are saved) before removing your Keychain Remote from your computer.