SimpliSafe Cameras Are On The Way

security camera

We’re gearing up for a new product launch...

Over the past several years we’ve been growing. A lot. We’ve grown in size. We released SimpliSafe2, a new version of our system. Brought you remote management features and added new sensors protecting you against fire and flood and so much more. All at prices far lower than our competition.

We are honored to have a growing and loyal community in you. You’ve shared your personal stories, referred your friends and family to us, and passionately shared your hopes and dreams for the future of SimpliSafe.

And there was one thing you clamored for the loudest: Cameras.

We’ve heard each of your requests. And our newly expanded team has been working hard to get them to you. We know you can’t wait to get them into your homes.

We’re very happy to say that our cameras will be out for the Holidays 2015. (Yes, this year! ;) ) We’re eager to share them with you. You’re going to love them.

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And what’s coming next, you ask? Soon it’ll be APParent.