12 Dogs That Are So Cute They Would Make a Burglar Go Awwww

Guard Dogs

Along with a home security system, man’s best friend can be one of the best ways to protect your home. A dog is a loyal companion and a member of the family, but can be a burglar’s worst nightmare. A dog’s bark is enough to have a potential burglar skip your house completely. When we think of guard dogs, we typically expect big, tough dogs with lots of teeth and a mean growl, like Cujo or Hercules from The Sandlot. But never underestimate a dog’s profound ability to melt our hearts and disengage us with cuteness alone.

With that in mind, we searched and found 12 adorable dogs that will make even a burglar go “Awwwww!”:

Trying to Be Tough:


A rottweiler might just be the toughest dog and this little guy knows it! Someday, someday…

Walking a Big Walk:


This puppy is a little cocky and definitely ready to strut his way over and say “hello!”

All Worn Out:


He may be deflated, but he’s still so fetching.

Too Silly For His Own Good:


How could a burglar resist stopping to give this guy a belly rub?

The Friendliest Guard Dog:


If he worked at a security gate, he’d just wave you in, because he’s so happy to see you.

Size Isn’t Everything:


This little girl is going to distract you with her charm and invite you to tea!

Asleep on the Job:


He might have left his post, but how could a burglar sneak past that face?

Drinking on the Job:


You can’t burgle someone after you share a drink with them...or their dog!

Not in the Mood:


This puppy is not amused by you, Burglar! He’s had a long day. Now he has to deal with you, too? Sigh.

Just as Scared of You as You are of Him:


This dog thinks if he doesn’t move, the Burglar won’t see him!

Wrinkles in a Well-Ironed Plan:


Oh, you thought you had your strategy all mapped out, Burglar? Well this puppy just threw a wrench into it.

Ready to Throw Down:


This dog doesn’t care what he looks like: he’s always a tough guy.

Never forget the power of a cute puppy. Remember, most burglars will bypass targeting a home if they know a dog is inside the home. A dog, tough or sweet, is a great way to protect your home and family.

Do you have a guard puppy? Share your pictures with us!