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10 Hot Commodities A Burglar Can’t Resist Taking From Your Home

Top 10 Commonly Stolen Items

It only takes a burglar 8-12 minutes to rob your home of its precious valuables. What are burglars looking for in your home that can score them a quick buck? Be sure to read our list of the top 10 items burglars seek out. Are some of the items listed here lying around in your home?

Top 10 Items Stolen During a Home Burglary (in no particular order)

Provided by SimpliSafe Home Security.

Once inside your home, a burglar’s top priority is to steal as many valuables as possible in as little time as possible. So that means grabbing anything in sight that might bring them a significant resale or cash-in value. The items most frequently stolen during a home burglary are objects that are small and are predictably stored in the same location in many homes.

  1. Cash – Essentially this is the whole point of a burglary. Burglars are not looking to break into your home for the “thrill of it,” they're looking to get some “dinero”. A good suggestion is keeping your money in a safe that is bolted to the floor.
  2. Tools and Building Supplies – In some cases, burglars don’t even have to enter your home to steal anything. Unlocked or open garages are easy prey for burglars. Consider all the new power tools you’ll be missing. For some good tips, read our previous article on garage security.
  3. Jewelry – These are one of a burglar’s favorites. They are small enough to fit in a pocket, and can be easily converted into cash. Also, jewelry is kept in the same location in many homes. There are many options available to hide your jewelry; a good one is a diversion safe.
  4. Piggy Banks and Jars of Coins – Don’t worry, we’re not talking about the piggy bank in your child’s bedroom. We’re talking about that “Jug-o-Change” you have lying around your home. This also goes for collector’s coins. Burglars know there is a huge cash value in collector’s coins.
  5. Video Games and Consoles – This is not because burglars are avid “gamers,” it’s largely due to the fact that pawn shops and gaming outlets purchase these items with no questions asked. They are also easily sold on the street if there are no “legit” buyers.
  6. Laptop Computers – These are really easy for burglars! I mean, how many people do you know that just leave their brand new Macbook just sitting there out in the open? It’s also light, easy to carry, and can promise a good chunk of change at the pawn shop.
  7. Wallet or Purse – The goal with these items is credit/debit cards and any sort of identification. If you have a run of the mill punk burglar, you can count on those credit/debit cards being stolen. But, if you’re dealing with the professional burglar, you can kiss your identity goodbye!
  8. Guns – If there is a gun available inside a home, nine times out of 10 a burglar will be claiming that as his property. Guns have a huge resale value on the street; a criminal will have no problem selling this hot merchandise.
  9. iPods and iPads – These are other items in the house that we just keep out in the open. We are all guilty of this, unfortunately. We all know how much money we spent purchasing these items, just think what a burglar can get in return for them.
  10. Your Identity – Increasingly, the big money in home burglaries is in the trading of passwords, credit cards, billing statements, etc. A burglar with connections can get a nice payout from an organized criminal enterprise for information that can be used to steal your identity.

Burglars only need a short amount of time to rob your home of all its high-value items, and in a way, your sense of security. Investing in a wireless home security system will scare off a burglar from entering your home, and in the end, successfully leaving your valuables where they belong: Your home.

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