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Your Ultimate Pre-Vacation Home Security Check List

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June is finally here! The summer is just heating up, and you know what that means: vacation! Soon, you’ll be busting out of the office, heading out of the house, and hitting the open road (or sky), on your way to relaxation with the family. But when you finally do get to the beach, the lake house, or wherever your vacation takes you, the last thing you want on your mind is “What’s happening at home?”

Worry no more! Here is a your home security vacation checklist. Complete this list, and you can feel safe knowing that your home is well protected while you’re away.

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Your Pre-Vacation Check List:

Outside Your Home:

Trim your hedges and mow your lawn.
Make sure your home looks taken care of and don't provide a place to hide for any prowlers.

Put all toys and yard supplies away, especially ladders.
With everything away, you won't be giving potential thieves easy access to items to steal, or ways in your home.

Move any spare keys that you place outside of your home to a safe location.

Park your car in the garage if you’re not taking it with you.
An unmoved car outside of your house will be an easy give away that no one is home!

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Inside Your Home:

Turn off and unplug electronic devices.
Unplug your small appliances like your coffee maker and toaster. Make sure to also unplug items that are easily susceptible to power surges like your TV and computer!

Set some lights to timers.
Timers make it look like someone is home by turning the lights on and off periodically.

Adjust your shades so that many are closed.
This way potential burglars cannot see in, but light from your timed lights can still make it appear that someone is home.

Turn off water to your washing machine, dishwasher, and ice machine.
With the water off, you don't need to worry about potential floods.

Turn the gas off.

Clean out your refrigerator and toss any food that will go bad in your absence.
The last thing you want when you return home is rotting food!

Raise the temperature in your refrigerator.
This will help keep the fridge from blowing a circuit, and save energy.

Wash your dishes, and clean out the sink.
Don't let mold grow while you're away!

Clean out your garbage disposal by running it, while pouring a half cup of vinegar and water through.

Lower the temperature in your house.
Typically it’s best to leave it around 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Move your valuables to a safety deposit box.
Include family heirlooms and jewelry!

Update your home security alarm to make sure it has the correct contact number for you, or anyone who may be housesitting for you while you're away!
You can do this right online through your customer account at SimpliSafe.com or by giving us a call!

Check all windows and doors to ensure they are closed and locked.
Don't forget to secure and lock any dog doors!

Set your alarm system.

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With Your Community:

Ask a neighbor to pick up any leaflets, newspapers or flyers, that people may leave for in your absence.
Flyers on your door is a tell tale sign that no one has been home!

Ask the post office to hold your mail during your vacation.
You can do this easily online and select the days of your trip, so you don’t have to worry about missing any mail!

Have your newspaper subscription suspended while you’re away.

Select a trusted neighbor, friend or family member to be a key holder, just in case.
Make sure they know how to contact you.

Make sure your key holder has your safe word to your home security alarm.
You can change your safe word to a temporary safe word for your vacation, to keep your primary safe word private.

Ask a neighbor to mow your lawn if you’ll be away for an extended period of time.

Ask a neighbor to move your trash cans to the curb, and take them back in on trash day.
Even without trash in the cans, it will make it look like someone is home!

If you have pets, make sure that you have all of their travel needs sorted out.
Whether your pet is coming with you, you’re having a pet sitter, or you’re putting them in a kennel, make sure you have this sorted out well in advance.

All set? Now that you've completed your Pre-Vacation Home Security Check List, you can have a safe and worry free vacation. No need to think about what may be happening at home in your absence. You can sit comfortably knowing that the answer is: "Nothing."