Deciding Whether or Not to Use Window Decals and Yard Signs

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So you’ve purchased your first home security system. Now it's time to weigh the pros and cons of using a yard sign to let your neighborhood know that you have installed an alarm system. Even the most cursory glance at the home security message boards shows that the great home security yard sign debate has little chance to be resolved any time soon. With an estimated 2 million break-ins in the United States each year, having a yard sign can be an important layer of protection to keep your home and family safe.

Ward Off Burglars With A Yard Sign:

Let’s say you’re a burglar walking around your neighborhood. You stop in front of two identical homes. One is emblazoned with home security decals and signs are posted at strategic points around the yard. The other has no security beyond a nice trim and a really well-manicured lawn. Which one is a burglar going to select? Is he going to risk dealing with an alarm system?

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Deterrence is highly underrated. Having signs strategically located around your yard and decals on the windows lets a burglar know that the house next door is a better target. There are many homeowners out there who eschew having a security system altogether and simply purchase some generic security yard signs and decals. The problem here lies in the term “generic”. Keep in mind that a quick internet search can give away any signs that do not belong to an actual security company. A fake security decal with either a fake company or just the word “Security” can place your home in a tricky predicament. While a sign by a real company will make a burglar ask themselves if it is worth the risk, a fake one screams “Please empty this house of its valuables.”

Alarm Systems Prevent Your Home From Being Burgled:

Some homeowners worry that using a yard sign (or the corresponding yard sign) will give a burglar insight into how to break in to your home. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that only 12% of burglaries are planned ahead of time. 60% of burglars said that an alarm would dissuade them from proceeding with a break-in.

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However you stand on the issue, nothing beats having an actual monitored home security system. While signs and decals are certainly the first level of defense, when a burglar hears the tell-tale sound of a keypad counting down to zero they’re more likely to turn and run empty handed before the siren even goes off.

Some homeowners turn to window decals because they do not believe they can afford an alarm system. SimpliSafe makes easy to install, affordable home security systems that can work for your house, apartment or even your business. Now the window decal can be the first of many layers of security protecting your home.

Where do you stand on the great yard sign debate?